Rentview Launches new Free service for Tenants

The team have been hard at work lately preparing for the launch of a new free service to tenants. The new service was designed to help a tenant through the letting cycle by:

  1. Aiding them in securing a property and becoming more marketable. 
  2. Help with the moving in process and management of Utilities.
  3. Help them protect their deposit and the landlords assets through Inventories
  4. Act as a payment reference for future properties or loan requirements

All great services to offer to people currently renting property throughout Ireland and abroad.Take a look at the homepage below for a better idea of the service: 


As mentioned in point one above the online service aids a tenant in securing the desired property of their choice. Once a tenant joins they can start building their profile. This can include uploading a profile image and a short description of who you are and your requirement. You can also begin to upload some previous landlord references, a work or college reference , guarantors reference etc. All of this important information is now stored in one secure place and ready to be shared with the landlord or letting agent of a property you wish to rent. This saves you time and money in organising your references and also improves your chances of securing a property which may be in high demand. Here is a quick video describing how to get started with your account: 

I will be continuing this blog series over on the new tenant blog at along with the student renting series. Look out for some more great content on this blog as we look to continue the online marketing series and up the humorous content too! Thanks for listening guys, follow me at @Rentview_ and the new @Rentview_Tenant profile and don’t forget to like us on Facebook here  and here.

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