10 Blog Topics For Letting Agents

What can I write on my letting agents blog?

This is a question which I get asked from my letting agency clients and visitors to my blog nearly on a daily basis. A lot of letting & estate agents are terrified by the thoughts of blogging,  but ask them to pitch a landlord over the phone and they are only falling over themselves to do it. So in this blog I will share some blog topics for letting agents to discuss.

What benefits can your agency get from blogging

Let me first of all start by saying that by blogging regularly you are going to increase the number of inbound enquiries from landlords significantly. This will result in your pitching to more landlords over the phone significantly 😉

How often Should you blog?

When I say regularly I’m not saying daily but I would highly recommend blogging at least every fortnight but preferably weekly.

What can letting agents can blog about

This is often the argument given when I suggest blogging to increase traffic to your letting agency website. So in an effort to encourage you to start blogging or blog more frequently. I have now put  together 10 subjects to blog about for letting agents;

Blog Topics for Letting Agents

1.  Businesses within the community – Any big employers coming to town? Why not write a blog topic on the employer with a spin for landlords to get excited about as it may push up yields. Also then put a spin on the most convenient living locations for tenants if they are relocating for employment to this company.  The number of employees that will search for rental property close to a work place is huge so this is also an excellent post for tenants.

letting agency blog topics

2. How you are currently ranking on portals– Here you could give a quarterly update on where your letting agency is ranking against local competition. Always look for an angel and make something positive out of what you are displaying. Most portals display rankings V’s other agents. Use screen shots etc here

Events happening within your target market – Discuss an upcoming event, visit an event take photos and discuss it. It is good to add additional content to your blog based on your target market area rather then just property, property, property. You can include property related content within the post also.

4. Location A v Location B (yields) – Look at two locations with similar listed for sale properties and look for units with similar prices in these areas. Now discuss the reason why one property achieves a higher rental and yield etc. This is good at targeting investor landlords searching for best yields etc. *Remember to use are keywords. You can find a good example of this type of blog post on Christopher Watkins blog.

5. Cover a charity event or sponsorship your company or staff are involved with – This is a great way to personalise the business , make sure to include photos of staff members.

6. Local News– Keep an eye out for local news that could be relevant to property. Its always good to have an opinion on something and linking back to a news article. I wouldn’t just copy and paste news as people do not want this. By all means research and take quotes etc but make the majority of the content in your own words (Google Love this)

local news sto

7. A funny property story – Why not write about something funny and or  strange that happened at a property viewing, during tenancy, move out etc. Maybe listing the top 5 funniest items left after a tenancy etc. Riskier content may get shared more and discussed online.

8. Educational piece – This is a good way to show your knowledge of the industry. Perhaps talk about taxation,  returns of deposit procedure etc. Make sure that you are not biased in your content directly towards landlords or tenants.

9. Local issues – Is there any campaign in place for a certain approval , planning etc? Whats your opinion on this and how will it affect the community etc. Always think of how it will affect the property market.

10. Recent local market trends – Rather then discussing the general markets being up, down etc talk about your local market. By using keywords of the areas you cover within your blog you are much more likely to attract organic search traffic.

Links to some relevant blogs on how to improve your property blog

Here is an excellent Webinar that Ian Cleary of RazorSocial held. The topis is on “How to get tons of traffic to your blog” I would highly recommend watching it and also checking out RazorSocials site for lots of other great content.

When your blogging its always worthwhile to use blog topics for letting agents that your target market is searching for. Check out this post on how to find out what your target market are searching for.

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