Creating social media images for your letting agency

If you want to create professional looking graphics for your letting agencies social media without using a designer I would highly recommend checking out Canva. Canva is a free online tool which allows the average letting agent create professional graphics for Facebook, Pinterest, blogs, infographics etc with ease.

Signing up is easy and free to use once you provide your own images, if however you wish to use some of the high quality images in Canva’s Stock you are charged about $1 per image.

Creating Unique Content on Social Media

Many letting agents struggle to use engaging and unique content within their social media. By using Canva you can easily create visual content that is unique and appealing on the eye.

Using the platform is simple and within minutes of signing up you can create professional graphics. Once signed up you will see a section which allows you create “Real estate flyers”, this is  a great way for beginners to use templates designed for letting agents and estate agents to show off properties in a graphic.

Highlight a property

Here is a flyer I created for a high end property which is showing this weekend.

Show a property


Let your fans know about your viewings

To highlight the fact that the letting agency is conducting showings over the weekend I created this template to showcase a number of properties which are being shown. 

Using Canva for your letting agency

Its important to remember that your fans on your social media pages do not want to be just given links to properties you have (they look at portals or your website to see this) they want to see something unique.

Struggling to update your Brand on Social Media?

Its not only great at creating flyers for your agency but also a really great way of creating Facebook covers, twitter headers etc. Try it out now and you wont be disappointed.