Rentview Inventory Set to Launch Inventory App for both App store and Android Smart phones

Summary: A brief look at how letting agents can reduce time and money spent on inventory reporting for landlords /tenants and reduce likelihood of disputes over deposit retention related to inventory condition.

The role of inventory in property management: Inventory is a factor involved in any tenancy agreement, a tenant must be happy with the property contents and its condition throughout before entering into a tenancy agreement and a landlord must do same when ending the tenancy and returning the security deposit to the departing tenant.

Problems that arise over Inventory in Property management: Often, a tenant and landlord or property manager may come into conflict over issues related to inventory, writes ‘One of the most common areas of dispute between landlord and tenant relates to the contents of the property and its condition’, unfortunately the current practices for recording inventory of a property is extremely out dated and will prove very difficult to stand up in a legal dispute.

The Rentview Inventory App: Set to launch on the app and android stores in just over two weeks Rentview will set a new standard in the residential lettings market throughout Ireland for protecting both landlords , agents and tenants by using modern technology to provide detailed inventory reports that can be carried out on any Smart phone! This will save you valuable time and money as a property manager!

But where does the info go and how will I protect us against claims? But wait that’s not all, current and future users of the Rentview property management software will be able to upload their reports (VIA The Cloud) onto their Rentview accounts for safe storage. Access can be shared with a landlord or tenant by agent. If either party have anything to add to the report they can do so and a copy is then printed before a tenancy commences signed by both tenant and property manager.

About Rentview: Rentview is an internet based property management software solution designed by two former property managers with over 12 years experience in the Irish market. The software was developed to Manage, Build and Retain an agencies property portfolio, no matter what the size! Rentview Inventory only furthers our goals of saving property mangers hours of time per week, potential disputes with tenants and decreasing the overall costs associated with managing a property.