The Realities of Renting in Dublin: Is it Hard to Find a Property?

Are you planning to move to Dublin and worried about finding a rental property? You’re not alone. Many people find it difficult to find the right rental property in Dublin due to the high demand and low supply of rental units.

However, there are ways to make your search for a rental property in Dublin easier. Here are some tips to help you find your dream rental property in Dublin:

Start Your Search Early: It’s essential to start your search for a rental property as early as possible. This will give you enough time to find the right property that fits your budget, location, and lifestyle preferences.

Be Flexible: It’s essential to be flexible when searching for a rental property in Dublin. You may have to compromise on some of your preferences to find a property that meets your basic needs.

Consider Your Budget: Dublin is known for its high rental prices, so it’s crucial to consider your budget when searching for a rental property. Look for properties that fit your budget to avoid financial strain.

Use Online Resources: The internet is an excellent resource for finding rental properties in Dublin. Use online platforms like Rentview to search for properties that match your preferences and budget.

Work with a Reputable Estate Agent: Working with a reputable estate agent can help you find the right rental property in Dublin. Estate agents have access to properties that may not be available to the public and can help you negotiate the terms of your lease.

In conclusion, finding a rental property in Dublin can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. By starting your search early, being flexible, considering your budget, using online resources, and working with a reputable estate agent, you can find the perfect rental property in Dublin.

Rentview can also help simplify your rental property search in Dublin. Rentview connects renters with verified estate agents and offers a wide range of comprehensive property listings. With Rentview, you can easily find the right rental property in Dublin that fits your preferences and budget. Sign up for a FREE profile on the Rentview website or download the Rentview app today. Available on IOS and Google Play.

Where is the cheapest place to rent in Dublin?

Dublin is a bustling city with plenty of options for renters, but finding an affordable place to rent can be a challenge. If you’re on a budget and looking for the cheapest place to rent in Dublin, we’ve got you covered.

According to recent data, the cheapest area to rent in Dublin is Tallaght, with an average monthly rent of €1,554 for a two-bedroom apartment. This area is located in the southwestern part of the city and is known for its diverse community and proximity to amenities.

Another affordable area to consider is Finglas, located in the northwestern part of the city. Here, you can find two-bedroom apartments with an average monthly rent of €1,613. While not as cheap as Tallaght, Finglas still offers affordable options for renters on a budget.

If you’re willing to venture a bit further outside the city, you may want to consider areas like Blanchardstown or Clondalkin, which offer even cheaper rent options than Tallaght and Finglas.

When searching for rental properties in these areas, be sure to use a reliable platform like Rentview. Rentview connects renters with verified estate agents and offers comprehensive property listings that are regularly updated, so you can be sure you’re getting the most up-to-date information on available rental properties.

With Rentview, you can filter your search based on your preferred location, property type, price range, and other essential criteria. You can also easily apply for your desired rental property online and make rent payments through the platform, making the rental process more streamlined and efficient.

In conclusion, while finding an affordable place to rent in Dublin can be a challenge, there are still plenty of options available. By considering areas like Tallaght and Finglas and using a reliable platform like Rentview to search for properties, you can find the perfect rental property that fits your budget and lifestyle.

You can Sign up for a FREE profile on the Rentview website or download the Rentview app, available on IOS and Android today to start your search for the perfect rental property in Dublin.

Maximizing the return on investment for rental properties in Dublin

Investing in rental properties can be a great way to generate passive income, especially in a city like Dublin where the demand for rental properties is high. However, it is important to ensure that you are maximizing the return on investment (ROI) for your rental properties in Dublin. In this blog, we will discuss some tips and strategies to help you do just that.

  1. Choose the Right Location

Location is key when it comes to rental properties. Look for areas in Dublin that have high demand for rental properties, such as near universities, business districts, or transportation hubs. Also, consider the local amenities, such as shopping centers, restaurants, and parks, as these can increase the appeal of your rental property.

  1. Renovate and Update the Property

Renovating and updating your rental property can increase its value and appeal to potential renters. Consider updating the kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, and lighting fixtures to give the property a modern and fresh look. Also, ensure that the property is clean, well-maintained, and in good condition to attract quality tenants and maximize rental income.

  1. Price the Property Competitively

Pricing your rental property competitively is important to attract potential tenants and maximize ROI. Do some market research and compare the rental rates of similar properties in the area to ensure that your rental price is reasonable and competitive. Avoid overpricing your property, as this can lead to longer vacancies and a lower ROI.

  1. Implement a Tenant Screening Process with Rentview

Implementing a tenant screening process is crucial for attracting quality tenants and reducing the risk of delinquent rent payments or property damage. Rentview, a cloud-based platform that connects renters and buyers with estate agents, can help streamline this process. Rentview allows agencies to share access to both landlords and tenants, providing a far better customer service. Consider conducting credit and background checks, verifying employment and income, and checking references using 

Rentview to ensure that the tenant is responsible and reliable.

  1. Sign up with Rentview for Professional Property Management

If you’re looking for professional property management services, consider signing up with Rentview. Rentview is a cloud-based property management platform that allows you to connect with verified renters, minimizing the risk of rental fraud. With Rentview, you can streamline the letting and management process for your rental agency, reducing administration time by 70%.

In conclusion, maximizing ROI for rental properties in Dublin requires careful planning, renovation, competitive pricing, tenant screening, and professional property management. By following these tips and strategies, you can increase the appeal of your rental property, attract quality tenants, and generate passive income for years to come.

Virtual Tours: The Future of Property Viewings

In recent years, virtual tours have been gaining popularity for property viewings. With advancements in technology, virtual tours provide an immersive and realistic experience that can save time and money for both buyers and sellers. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of virtual tours and how Rentview’s software can make the process even more efficient for estate agents.

Convenience and Accessibility

One of the main advantages of virtual tours is that they can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. Potential buyers can view a property from the comfort of their own home, without having to travel to multiple locations. This not only saves time but can also make the property buying process more convenient and accessible for everyone.

Realistic View of the Property

Another benefit of virtual tours is that they provide a more realistic view of the property compared to photos or descriptions. With virtual tours, buyers can explore every room and get a feel for the layout and flow of the property. This can help them make a more informed decision and ensure that the property is a good fit for their needs.

Time and Cost Savings

Virtual tours can also save estate agents time and money. Instead of spending hours showing properties to potential buyers in person, agents can simply provide a virtual tour link and let buyers explore the property on their own time. This frees up agents to focus on other aspects of the sales process and can lead to more efficient and effective communication with buyers.

Rentview’s Software: Taking Virtual Tours to the Next Level

Rentview’s software can take virtual tours to the next level for estate agents. With Rentview, agents can conduct virtua HD House Walkthroughs just by using your smartphone. Just upload using a steadicam and our editing team will make it look professional. 

In addition, Rentview’s software allows agents to manage all of their virtual tours and leads in one place. This means that agents can easily track which properties have been viewed and which buyers are interested in a particular property. This can save time and prevent potential buyers from slipping through the cracks.

Lastly, virtual tours offer a range of benefits for both buyers and sellers in the property market. They save time, provide a more realistic view of the property, and can make the buying process more convenient and accessible. With Rentview’s software, estate agents can take virtual tours to the next level and manage the process more efficiently and effectively. If you’re an estate agent looking to improve your virtual tour experience, consider signing up with Rentview today.

Rental Fraud Prevention: How to Avoid Scams and Stay Safe with Rentview’s Tips

Are you planning to rent a new home or property? While searching for your perfect rental, it’s important to stay vigilant and protect yourself from rental scams and fraud. At Rentview, we’re committed to helping renters and landlords alike stay safe and avoid these risks.

Here are our top tips for preventing rental fraud:

  1. Do your research: Before agreeing to rent a property, research the landlord or property management company online. Check their reviews, ratings, and any other available information. Rentview’s platform offers verified landlord and tenant profiles to help you make informed decisions.
  2. Beware of too-good-to-be-true offers: If a rental offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. Scammers often use low prices or incredible deals to lure in unsuspecting renters.
  3. Avoid wire transfers or cash payments: Legitimate landlords and property management companies will typically use secure payment methods. Be wary of anyone who insists on wire transfers or cash payments.
  4. Verify the property ownership: Ask the landlord or property manager for proof of ownership, such as a title deed or mortgage statement. You can also check public records or use Rentview’s platform to confirm the owner’s identity.
  5. One common way Scammers request funds is through Airbnb to make it look legitimate but the rental property has nothing to do with airbnb and they are only using it to get your trust
  6. Use a trusted rental platform: Rentview’s platform offers verified rental listings and tenant profiles, as well as secure payment options and fraud prevention tools. By using a trusted platform, you can avoid the risks of rental fraud and enjoy peace of mind.

Don’t let rental fraud and scams ruin your rental experience. Follow these tips from Rentview and stay safe while finding your dream home. Remember, it’s always better to be cautious and do your research before agreeing to anything. With Rentview’s platform, you can have a seamless rental experience while avoiding rental fraud risks.

Rentview: The Ultimate Solution for Renters to Secure Their Dream Rental Property

Are you tired of the never-ending rental search? The endless emails, phone calls, and viewings? Searching for a rental property can be a daunting task, especially in today’s competitive market. 

However, Rentview has a solution to your rental property search woes.

Rentview is a platform that aims to give renters a frictionless process to secure their dream rental property. 

Here’s how Rentview can help you:

  1. Hassle-free reference uploading: Rentview allows renters to upload their references via the app, eliminating the need for printing on paper. Renters can easily upload their work reference, landlord reference, payslip, ID, and guarantor letter. This saves time and reduces the uncertainty of whether references have been successfully submitted.
  2. Connecting with local agents: With Rentview, renters can connect with hundreds of local agents in the area they wish to live in. Renters can easily find agents that match their requirements and preferences, making the rental search process easier and more convenient.
  3. Quick rental requirements details: Rentview gives agents more details on renting requirements quickly, which enables them to provide better service to renters. Agents can quickly match renters with properties that meet their requirements, reducing the need for endless viewings.
  4. Promote your application to hundreds of agents: Rentview promotes your application to hundreds of agents in your local area. This increases your chances of securing your dream rental property and standing out from the competition.

Rentview understands the pain points and challenges that renters face in the rental search process. In today’s competitive market, it can be challenging to stand out from the competition and secure a rental property. With Rentview, the rental search process becomes more convenient, streamlined, and hassle-free.

Say goodbye to the never-ending rental search and hello to your dream rental property with Rentview. Sign up for a free profile on or download the app, available on IOS and Google Play, and start your hassle-free rental search journey today.

Why Estate Agents Choose Rentview for Reliable Tenant Screening

rental, rent, estate agents, rental property, real estate, for rent,

When it comes to managing rental properties, one of the biggest challenges faced by estate agents is finding reliable tenants. Tenant screening is a critical step in the letting process, as it helps agents ensure that the tenants they choose will pay their rent on time, take care of the property, and follow the terms of the tenancy agreement. At Rentview, we understand the importance of tenant screening and have developed tools to make it easier for estate agents to find the perfect tenants. Here are some reasons why estate agents choose Rentview for reliable tenant screening:

  1. Comprehensive Background Checks: Our tenant screening tools provide estate agents with comprehensive background checks on prospective tenants, including credit history, employment verification, and rental history. This information helps agents assess the financial stability and reliability of tenants.
  2. Fast Turnaround Times: Rentview’s tenant screening tools provide estate agents with fast turnaround times, so they can quickly assess the suitability of prospective tenants and make informed decisions about their rental applications.
  3. Customizable Screening Criteria: Our tenant screening tools allow estate agents to customize screening criteria based on their specific needs and requirements. This means that agents can focus on the factors that are most important to them, such as credit score, income, or rental history.
  4. Automated Screening: Rentview’s tenant screening tools automate the screening process, making it easier and more efficient for estate agents to find the perfect tenants. This saves agents time and effort and reduces the risk of human error.
  5. Compliance with Regulations: Rentview’s tenant screening tools are designed to comply with all relevant regulations and legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Property Services (Regulation) Act 2011. This ensures that estate agents can use our tools with confidence, knowing that they are meeting their legal obligations.

As an estate agent, finding reliable tenants is crucial to the success of your business. That’s where Rentview comes in – we understand your needs and have developed advanced tenant screening tools to help you find the perfect tenants. Our experienced team and user-friendly platform make the screening process seamless, saving you time and reducing administrative burdens. Plus, with Rentview, you can improve your customer service by sharing access with both landlords and tenants.

Why not give Rentview a try? Sign up for a free profile at or download our app, available on IOS and Google Play. Schedule a demo with us today to see how we can help your business thrive.

Starting a Letting agency: Letting Agents and Under-used Marketing Tools


Starting a Letting Agency – marketing tools

After the success of last month’s blog on internet marketing tips for estate and letting agents I thought it would be a great idea to try a little something different this week. A more subtle and extremely under-used form of marketing is the utilisation of your customers for word of mouth promotion, in this case it’s the tenants and landlords. Word of mouth marketing has been defined as ‘a face to face conversation between consumers about a product or service experience’. From my research into the area it can also be defined from the agency’s point of view as the ‘Intentional influencing of consumer to consumer communications by professional marketing techniques.‘ Okay, so we know exactly what the term means know from two perspectives, let’s discuss three ways in which to implement some word of mouth marketing techniques.

#1 Utilise what you have first 

Stop worrying about all the different ways to market your services to new landlords and tenants. Obviously the more traditional mediums are still of use but it is the dawn of a new era, so agencies need to start thinking outside of the box. In fact, launching new campaigns, which I will mention below, can have a double effect as you start to build relationships with your current clientele while developing the potential to spread your agency via positive peer to peer communication. Check out the video below from a previous blog on Rentview, where I touch on word of mouth potential with tenants at the end.

#2 Stop shouting, start listening 

I often see large banner ads placed along major property websites with prices listed for management fees to landlords. Nothing wrong with this obviously, for an integrated marketing communications plan you need to have 360 degree branding (hitting the target market with your message at as many points of contact as possible). However, what is the most trusted influence on a landlord in my opinion? I would say their fellow property owners and what they have to say about a service they have experienced.

#3 Rewards and relationships 

Your tenants are handing over a lot of money – hundreds and often thousands per month for the lovely property you have given them. Obviously that’s the deal in place, but in the long run you want them to continue their stay for many years to come. That means, in my opinion, that you need to stay in touch and build and maintain that relationship with your database. What about creating a monthly newsletter with some property tips from your agency team? What about a monthly competition where you invest 300e of current marketing spend into a nice gift like a smart phone to raffle via your social media pages? These are just a couple of quick ideas on how to relationship build for the future. 

That’s my top three tips, I hope they were of some help to any agents reading and please give us your feedback and thoughts by heading over to the Facebook or the Twitter pages. I leave you with some happy customers!

by Rentview


Transforming agencies-the evolution of Rentview Software Part 1.

Hi guys and welcome to this short blog with a reminder of some of the great new services we are now offering agencies since our official launch in March of this year. Originally a platform designed to manage rental payments for agencies we have grown and adapted our services in accordance with the market and are customers. So I want to briefly mention three of my favorite new services today and link you to some more information so you can see what we have been doing.

#1 Agency Marketing and offering a White label service: One of the main areas of feedback we received from our customer in their early stages of use was the concerns about losing their branding and possible confusion of their clients when using the property management software. Watch the video here where Rentview co-founder Andreas Riha takes you through the new branding features. 

#2 Automatic Lease Generation: Another area in which our growing customer base expressed a need for was the automation of the lease for a tenancy. Rentview went straight to work on this new feature and it is now available across all pricing platforms. When you start a lease the software will automatically input the tenants details while allowing you to include any of your own special conditions. Allowing your tenant to view before signing saves you time – for more click here and you can see how it all works.

#3 Partial Payments: Lastlywe have the new ability to manage part payments of rents due. A big issue many of our clients faced was tenants not lodging the full amounts owed into their accounts. Rentview can now allow you to edit amounts received and generate the remainder as still owed on your statements page. For an example of how this all works you can head over to our vimeo account here

Thats it for today please click the ‘like’ to share onto your social networks and drop a comment with your feedback , thanks guys. Cormac 

Rentview Launches new Free service for Tenants

The team have been hard at work lately preparing for the launch of a new free service to tenants. The new service was designed to help a tenant through the letting cycle by:

  1. Aiding them in securing a property and becoming more marketable. 
  2. Help with the moving in process and management of Utilities.
  3. Help them protect their deposit and the landlords assets through Inventories
  4. Act as a payment reference for future properties or loan requirements

All great services to offer to people currently renting property throughout Ireland and abroad.Take a look at the homepage below for a better idea of the service: 


As mentioned in point one above the online service aids a tenant in securing the desired property of their choice. Once a tenant joins they can start building their profile. This can include uploading a profile image and a short description of who you are and your requirement. You can also begin to upload some previous landlord references, a work or college reference , guarantors reference etc. All of this important information is now stored in one secure place and ready to be shared with the landlord or letting agent of a property you wish to rent. This saves you time and money in organising your references and also improves your chances of securing a property which may be in high demand. Here is a quick video describing how to get started with your account: 

I will be continuing this blog series over on the new tenant blog at along with the student renting series. Look out for some more great content on this blog as we look to continue the online marketing series and up the humorous content too! Thanks for listening guys, follow me at @Rentview_ and the new @Rentview_Tenant profile and don’t forget to like us on Facebook here  and here.

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